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 "Absolutely engrossing! I first saw Skid Kids on Tik Tok, and I was instantly intrigued by what I heard about it. A roller derbyesque competition with mutants, um, count me in. The story itself is pure genius. The characters are memorable and lovable, and the author is able to quickly engage you with them. If you are a fan of dystopia, then you will love Zander, Kensy, and the crew. I devoured this book in one sitting. Read this book!!"


If I Could I Would Give 6 Stars

"Omg I have no idea where to begin with this one.
This guy is going to be a Huge author if he keeps it up. He really understands how to show a story not just tell it. I am not talking about describing the surroundings constantly. But actually drawing you in to each scene. when he bounces from one character to another set of characters, it seemed like you were left with a cliff hanger as if you needed to find the next part just to see what happened. But at the same time the characters he would jump to kept you in place building the suspense of the scene."


 "I love this genre. I've been reading dystopian for about as long as I can remember. I was a reading junkie when YA dystopian hit an all time high. I've read almost all the classics-- Hunger Games, Uglies, The Giver, Divergent, Maze Runner, etc, etc, etc. It's no secret that this is MY FAVORITE type of novel. That being said, this is a wonderful example of dystopia! I would line this us beside Hunger Games with no shame at all."


 CRUSH for this incredible YA dystopia !

"A formidable and surprising youth dystopia, captivating to read, very well written, which features two astonishing and very endearing main characters!

The story is compelling, full of twists and turns and action, and you can’t guess the ending.
I recommend this surprising YA discovery, essential to read for lovers of the genre. A must read"


 "When is book 2 coming out???? Please don't make me wait too long!



Out of the Wastelands for the first time, Zander has never been lonelier.


As a mutant he's used to loss, but leaving his 14-year-old sister, Kensy behind is an emptiness like no other.


As he steps through the walls of Westport, her words are the only thing keeping him going; 

Win your freedom. If not for yourself then do it for me.

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